Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Devil May Care...But Then Again, Maybe Not

I can't concentrate today. I blame all the cold meds. So, we're gonna do things a little differently today.

- Heath Ledger died. I have no idea why this upsets me so much. I didn't know him personally, he wasn't one of my favorite actors, and although he never did anything scandalous, he never really did anything that made me say "Wow, what a truly amazing individual." But somehow, I am truly saddened by his passing. Maybe it's because he was only 28. Maybe it's because he had a daughter who will now never know what it really means to be Daddy's little girl. Maybe because he died the same way so many people in Hollywood do, well, so many people for that matter, which is alone...and naked. Or maybe it's because deep down, as fatalistic as it sounds, many of us expect death or disease from certain people. The people who do drugs, drink, party, sleep around, drive while under the influence, or mix illegal substances quicker than a bartender can serve you a mojito on a slow night. We're shocked when it's someone low key, someone who flies under the radar. But like they say, it's always the quiet ones you have to look out for.

- I recently learned how to play beer pong. OH. MY. GOD. I never got beer pong. I mean, really, if you want to get drunk, get drunk. Why stand around trying to land a ping pong ball in a cup of beer? Because it is so much FUN! That's why. I'm a pretty competitive person, and so is my boyfriend(which makes me even more competitive), and beer pong can get pretty intense. Especially if you're on a team. Boyfriend and I have yet to fight, we're just not fighting people. But I have a feeling that if we ever really do throw down, it's gonna be over who's fault it was that we didn't win the beer pong tournament. Seriously, some one's gonna miss the winning shot and it'll be on like donkey kong.

- I have become a very forgetful person. This kind of worries me, seeing as I'm all of 21. That's not supposed to happen for like another 40 years...right? The thing is though, it's never the important stuff like work or school, or ice cream at the grocery store. It's always stuff that, when I realize I've forgotten it, I'm not really all that upset about it. Usually it's plans that I didn't want to make in the first place, or to buy something that I didn't really need. So, the way I see it, my brain has just decided to save me from myself. It weeds out all the crap that doesn't need to be in there. And honestly, I think it's pretty cool that my brain considers picking up gum more important than lunch plans with that person who wanted to pick my brain about...hold on, I just had it.

- I would like to know why Myspace seems to be on a completely different time continuum than the rest of the world. Seriously. Have you ever sent someone a message, or written a blog, or posted a bulletin, and then gone back and looked at it later and it says that it was written/left/posted at 3:42 am when in fact the actual time was 6:30pm? This has been going on since I got on myspace 3 years ago. Is there some option to set your myspace clock that I don't know about? I know that this really should not be that big of a deal, but it bothers me. Mainly because I know people who actually stay up all night on their myspace, and I would never want anyone, not even my fake friends whom I have never met, to think that I am one of them.

- And my last thought for this post: I love that having babies is the new trend in Hollywood. Seriously, babies are the new Kabalah. Everyone is taking part. It would not surprise me one bit to find out that stars(and I use that term loosely) are designing their kids. I could totally hear one of them going ape shit on some poor geneticist over whether or not it's possible to design a child that will one day have the talent to sing, act, get a DUI by age 17, and have a cocoaine problem, all the while starring in TV series that promotes family values.