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This is where I tell you how fabulous and famous I am so that you will want to either be my friend or buy ad space, or both!!

My name is Shana Lauren. I'm a travel and food writer for a local Magazine, Old City Life, and I also blog for fun and eventually(hopefully) profit. I am also writing my own cookbook on entertaining and feeding others. I think the art of the dinner party is lost on my generation, and so I am waging a one-woman campaign to bring it back!

I live in Saint Augustine, Florida with my wonderful husband Brian and our three adorable pets, Holly(Doggie), Wrigley (cat) and Max (kitten). I am lucky to have a man who puts up with my always crazy and sometimes adorable antics, and also laughs at all my jokes!

This is me with the Temptations. I met them coming home to Florida from Amsterdam. They were sitting next to me on the plane. Thanks for the first class upgrade Dad! I finally worked up the nerve to ask them for a picture once we got through customs. *Notice the fanny pack*

I truly am blessed that I get to live my dreams at 26 years old. Well, most of them. I still want to take a food tour of the United States, buy a farm to house all the rescue animals I could fit on it, and raise a beautiful family of children that Brian and I make together so that one day they can be completely mortified at the things I wrote on this blog (which I am convinced someone is going to turn into a book).

So, bloggies,that's pretty much it! If there is anything you want to know, comment on my blog and I will definitely respond as honestly as I can.

Thanks and love,

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