I am now selling ad space! We are currently averaging 1,200 hits a day. Your ad will appear on the right column of the blog page. It can say anything you want, and include pictures. The only restriction is porn and nude shots. We won't show those.

Ads run $20 monthly.

Email me at for more info!

We are also selling sponsorships! Sponsors will get a 3-5 line blurb at the bottom of whatever post they sponsor. You will also get one picture of your choice in the blurb. They can be and say anything you choose, except, as stated above, porn or nude pics.

Each sponsorship is $10 per post, or $75 for 10 posts.

If you choose to buy bulk posts, you will receive one post per week for whatever number of weeks you purchase. Meaning 10 posts = 10 weeks of sponsorships.

If you like, I will also do giveaway's of your product/service in the blurb. You provide the product, I will do the shipping and and all the marketing of the giveaway.

Email me at for more info!

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