Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are There Crow's Feet in my Baby Fat?

Good Morning Bloggies!!

So, no wedding pics yet. At least not professional ones. I am still waiting!! Biting my nails(the consequences of which we will discuss later in this post)!

In the meantime, let me regale you with the tale of how Shana thought she was getting old.

When I was just a little girl, I watched a LOT of TV with my Nan. We loved TV, and pizza. Lots of TV and pizza. And on the TV, there were always commercials for anti-aging creams. Looking back, I now see that the reason for this abundance of anti-aging cream commercials is the fact that we watched daytime TV. It was just the two of us during the day for Spring Break, or Summer Break, or I-don't-feel-well-cough-cough day.

But anyways, in these commercials, the women are always all close-up to the screen shot, you can see all of their pores, etc. Nan would always say, "Those girls are in their twenties! They don't need the creams to start with!" Well, I was thinking, in my little mind, "Twenty??? That is OLD!"

I'm currently 26.

And I have started to think, "Should I start an anti-aging regimen?" I have convinced myself that I am prone to wrinkles. Every laugh, every scowl, every lift of the brow is a chance for my rapidly aging skin to permanently crease itself like a cotton shirt. I am that woman in the commercial!

So, I was in Ulta the other day with Kristin, and I just "happened" to be perusing the anti-aging cream aisle, when I turned and asked my trusty shopping companion, "Is it too soon to start using this stuff?"

We had this conversation:

Kristin: Just because you're married doesn't mean you're old.

Me: This has nothing to do with marriage. I want to get rid of my crow's feet.

Kristin: Why do you think you have crow's feet? Come here. (leans in close to my eyes). There's nothing there.

Me: Yet. I'm 26, so if I start using them now, I can avoid the wrinkles for a few more years.

Kristin: I'm 26. I'm older than you by 3 months. Does that mean I have 3 months worth of more wrinkles??

Me: No. I'm talking about my own skin paranoia.

Kristin: So you admit it's paranoia and not a real problem?

Me: Don't try and invalidate my feelings.

So yeah, apparently according to the big-brand skin cream companies, women my age need anti-aging creams like NOWNOWNOW. According to my friends I am hormonal. Who am I to believe???? Let's just say I have been slathering my body from head to toe in a mixture of anti-aging and skin firming lotions for the past few days. Because seriously, I do not want to be that woman that wakes up one day and realizes she never took care of her skin and now looks like a worn out leather handbag...or something. My Mother has not wrinkle one and she is 48 years old. I'm not sure if I can hope to pull that off, but I'm sure as hell gonna try. However, my Mother also slathers creams and gels onto her face every night until she looks like that scene from Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams sticks his face in a cake, so perhaps that helps? I don't know, I think it's just good genes. You can't fake that kind of youthful glow.

In a somewhat related topic, I have also always heard that the first thing to show age on a woman is her hands. So, in an attempt to prolong the youthful complexion of my fingers, I have started getting regular manicures. Well, when I say regular, I mean whenever I remember. And when I say remember, I mean when I pick my polish off myself from the last one and then get so disgusted with the result which looks like I let a two year old hack away at my nails with a butter knife that I finally break down and haul my ass to salon and beg them to fix my hideous nails right this instant!

And what I have noticed on these somewhat-regular trips to my nail place is that, similar to a hairdresser, the nail lady is a woman's closest substitute to a therapist there is. She's actually a combination of a therapist and a best friend. She's kind of a captive audience, and you pay her, so she's going to listen to you, and she knows she's getting paid anyways whether she responds or just nods her head in agreement. So maybe a combination of a therapist and a call girl? Anyways, whatever analogy you want to use, they are there to listen. But I'm always surprised at the kinds of things women tell the nail lady.

Women will tell the nail lady all about their marriages, their finances, their children, their parents, their pets, their jobs, their affairs, their friends' affairs, their yeast infections(I know...eeewwwww), their doctor appointments, their hair lady, their cleaning lady, their best friends, their worst enemies. Anything and everything you can think of, the nail lady hears it.

Maybe this is why there is a certain obligation one feels towards the nail lady? If you get your nails done on any sort of regular basis, you know what I mean. If you get a polish change, or fill-in, or any kind of work done whatsoever to your nails...sit down for this...SOMEWHERE ELSE....(omgomgomgomg, take a deep breath), you know she will notice! You have cheated on the nail lady! Or if you, GASP, miss an appointment?? And don't call?? WHAT will she think? Or if you go in on a day other than your regular day and have to take an appointment with someone else who works in the same salon? Oh Holy Cannoli, that is like sleeping with your boyfriend's best friend right there. And depending on how long you and the nail lady have been together, it may even be as bad as sleeping with your husband's best friend...or worse, brother. Because, do you know how hard it is to find a good nail place where you click with your nail lady, and the prices are right, and they do an amazing job? It's harder than finding an apartment for less than your first born in Manhattan. In fact, I believe that is that exact price some women are willing to pay in order to get a good nail lady. Or is that just me?

The moral of the story here, kids, is to moisturize early, never call women in their twenties old, and be faithful to the most important person in your life. The one who does your nails.

So, what about you bloggies? Is there anything you tell your nail lady that you would not tell anyone else? Or do you worry about premature wrinkles??

With smooth skin for now,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks For My Brian

Gobble Gobble, Bloggies!

On this Turkey Day Eve, I have decided to share with you what I am most thankful for in my life right now. My husband. Yep, I am that lady. I am mushy and gooey and all kinds of in love with my Brian, and so I am here to share the many reasons I am thankful for him. I promise this will not be painful.

Reasons I am thankful for Brian:

#1 He eats every single meal I make, no matter how crazy, or weird, or new the recipe is. He doesn't even ask questions when I grab the plate from him in the middle of him eating it to go put more sauce or veggies, or some other ingredient on it, because it will taste better that way.

#2 He laughs at my jokes. Now, I think I am a pretty funny person. But I know I'm not as funny as Brian. Mainly because I tend to over think things too much, but occasionally I will just let it fly and come up with something good. Either way, he always has a laugh for me.

#3 He is such a hard worker. He gets up early, he stays up late, he gives his all to his career. When he came to me two years ago and told me he wanted to quit his job to start his own business, I will admit I was a little nervous. But I knew that if he thought it would work, it would work. And it has, magnificently. He gives us a beautiful life, and I am thankful every day to him for that.

#4 He loves our animals. He brought our dog Holly into this relationship. I brought my cat, Red. We then adopted our cat Wrigley. Well, not so much adopted as I just brought her home one day. And she has been here for three years. Then, Red passed away suddenly, and even though Brian was not ready for another baby, he got me our new kitty, Maxwell Sheffield(from The Nanny). And even though he says the cat is not for him, I always catch him picking him and Wrigley up, and giving them kisses and cuddles and talking in baby talk to them. It is so sweet.

#5 He lets my crazy light shine at the holidays, even though he is the biggest Grinch around. Seriously, I call him Scrooge because he walks around saying, "Ba-Humbug." Mostly he does it to make me laugh, but he really doesn't like the candles and the wreathes and the holly and the cider and the lights. But he lets me do it, and he even helps me.

#6 He loves my family. My crazy, crazy family. But he doesn't just love them for me, he actually, genuinely loves them, just for who they are. He spends time with them, and laughs with them. He is their new favorite child. When I come over to visit now, the first thing I hear is, "Where's Brian??" I'm pretty sure it's not the same when he shows up without me though...hmmmmm.

#7 He finds my quirks adorable. He calls me Hollywood. When I have those days where I need to just lie under the covers and hide away, he just sticks my sunglasses on my face and lets me be me. He knows I am clumsy, and sometimes loud (ok, I am loud all of the times), and I get really excited about things (especially food), and that I have a strange addiction to Tic-Tacs. And he's ok with all of it.

#8 He will be a really, really good Dad. He has infinite patience, and love, and understanding. He is a fun person, he is lighthearted and lets stuff go. He sees the big picture. He knows the importance of baseball cards, and glow sticks, and playing catch in the park. I can't wait to see him be that person for our children. Well, maybe we can wait a little longer :) Sorry Grandma, Mom, Nan, Aunt Beth!

#9 I am reminded almost every day of why I am so lucky he is mine. I hear women complain so often about their husbands. How they don't come home when they say they will, or they don't answer their phones, or they forget things, or don't listen, etc. I never complain about Brian. I have no need to, and I wouldn't want to even if I did. He does answer his phone, and come home when he says he will, and he does listen. He is forgetful, but that's ok. It's our own little joke, and who doesn't forget stuff every now and again?

#10 He has awesome fashion sense.
You're welcome.
So, there they are! The reasons I am thankful for Brian.
What are you all thankful for this year?? I want to know!
Thankfully yours,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo Evidence of My Weirdness

Hi again Bloggies!
Because I love you all so much, I decided to also post for your viewing pleasure some various photos from the last few weeks that demonstrate how wacky things got for me. I hope you enjoy.
O.M.G. Crazy story. I have been following this dog, 50, on facebook for a few weeks. Then, the day after my wedding, in Savannah, I ran into him!! And his delightful Mommy! She let me take a picture, and then 50 let me feed him my hashbrowns.
Me and Max when I decided to buy Christmas costumes for the animals. Doesn't he look amazing?? Kristin took this photo, then we sent it to Brian. He told me the torture must stop. I told him to call the photographer.
 Max, the night we came home from Savannah. He missed his cuddles. This picture is just too cute to even be funny.

The crazy crab hat I bought in Savannah!! My Mom told me she would buy me a hat while we were there before the wedding, but then I picked this one out. She decided to go in a different direction and got me this totally awesome dragon hat. But I still purchased this one. This is why I work people. To be able to wear crabs on my head.

Me and Brian the day after our wedding. In front of a London phone booth :) I think the pose speaks for itself.
So, there you have it.
Yours in crabs,

And Then They Got Married

Good Morning Bloggies!!

I know I have been lame the past two weeks with the posts. I got married, and then I got a cold, and so I was just too tired/cranky/busy drowning in my own germs to post anything remotely interesting or funny. I actually did draft a post yesterday to put up, but it was somewhat political, and mostly a rant, and so I am still debating on whether or not to put it up. Because honestly, it feels like a cheap shot. And I don't ever want to be cheap with you. Unless it's cheap champagne, because we all know how I feel about THAT. Sometimes you gotta go what you gotta do. Am I right??

But I digress...

I got married! On November 11, 2012, I married the love of my life, Brian. And it was magical, and beautiful, and everything we hoped it would be. Our family and friends travelled from near and far to join us and celebrate and drink their weight in cocktails. Well, the goyim did. The Jews stuffed themselves with tea sandwiches and salmon. A fun time was had by all.

Seriously, people told us it was one of the best weddings they had ever been to. For various reasons, I'm sure.

For instance, I'm pretty sure the reason my bridesmaids thought it was the best wedding ever is because they spent their spare time dancing in cages with the groomsmen at a dance club, and then sipping cocktails at a speak easy where they had to have a secret password to get in, and then taking pictures of our vet lying shirtless on a table at a near-by bar. True stories.

But probably not the same as my Grandparents who loved it because it reminded them of when they got married, or the food was really good, or the endless dancing by a certain gentleman who shall remain nameless...HANK.

So yeah. It was a mixed bag. I will do a post with a blow-by-blow of what happened when, and who said what, but I am waiting on my wedding pics to come in so I can show you evidence of the craziness. And I need visual reminders so I don't mess up the timeline of events.

But in the meantime, let me share with you one of our unintentional family traditions for Thanksgiving. It cracks me up every year, and more so now that I have hosted the holiday myself and so can appreciate the insanity of it all:

Every year, without fail, something happens to the women in this family where the memory function of our brains shuts off when we step in the grocery store. I swear, no matter how many list we make, no matter how many phone calls we get(oh, the phone calls), we are going to forget something at the store EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. right up until the very last hour Publix is open on Wednesday night.

And let me just say, we are a very organized group. We usually never forget. But this time of year, here is a sampling of some of texts and calls we all share due to this problem:

Me to Mom(call): I forgot cranberry sauce. Whole or jellied?

Mom: Oh, no biggie. Just get both.

Nan to me(call): Are you getting the pies? I forgot the ice cream at the store today. Just get some while you are at Sam's. Also, do you have sugar?

Me: Yep, got it. I'll get two pies, and the ice cream.

Mom to me(call): Did you get cranberry sauce?

Me: DAMN! No. Going now. Anything else?

Mom: Pie?

Me: Shit! Did you get nutmeg?

Mom: I have nutmeg.

Me: go check.

Mom: I'm putting it on my list.

Me to Nan(call): I have the ice cream. What pies did you get?

Nan: You're getting the pies!

Me: What are you bringing?

Nan: Appetizers, and stuffing.

Me: Then why did I buy 10 lbs of cheese??

Mom to me(text): I got the ginger. Did you get cranberry sauce.

Me: Ginger? I thought it was nutmeg. They are out of cranberry sauce, going to a different store.

Mom: Got cinnamon.

Me: Ginger???

Mom: I now have every spice they sell.

Me: Awesome. Did you know Nan was bringing apps? I have extra cheese.

Mom: What about the pies?

Me: 10-4. Do you have the carrots?

Mom: Parsnips??

Me: Carrots?

Mom: Parsnips. And potatoes.

Me: Is this code for you're not making carrots?

Mom: I have iced tea.

Me: Carrots????? I'm telling Nan on you.

Mom to me(text): Did you get pie and cranberry sauce?

Me: Did you get carrots?

Mom: Get the damn sauce and pie.

Me: Some body's in trouble.

Mom: PIE????

Me: Yes ma'am.

Nan to Mom(call): I have cheese, stuffing, and rolls.

Mom: I got the parsnips, mac and cheese, and broccoli casserole.

Nan: Parsnips? What about carrots?

Mom: Shana forgot the pie and cranberry sauce. I think you should call her.

Nan: There had better be carrots.

So yeah, it goes round and round. And every year, at about 6am, the phone calls start the day of the big event. Because there is only one grocery chain that stays open on the holiday, and none of us live close to one, but you better believe that the husbands are getting in the car that day for anything that was left off the list. But the thing is, we always end up having everything, and way too much of it. Like, an obnoxious amount of food for the number of people being fed. But hey, it's how we roll. Get it? Roll? Like, rolls for dinner? Ahhhhhh, moving on...

Brian has been a part of this for the past few years, but now that he's legally bound to my charming(cough cough) family, the fun really begins. :) JK. My family is awesome, we're just a little nuts around the holidays. It's a very stressful time, ya know.

What about you bloggies? Do you have any non-traditional traditions that you want to share? I want to hear them!

Very forgetfully yours,

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Post in which I Lie to You All

Jeeeeeeze Bloggies! I almost forgot about Foodie Fridays! I will not let you down. I am here for you with reviews and recipes. And I totally lied that I would not be posting, as evidenced by the fact that this is my second post today. "Hi, I'm just calling to say I won't be calling you." I need to get it together.

So, since I was in Savannah this past weekend getting hitched, these recipes will be filled with all kinds of southern goodness.

Restaurant: Vic's on the River
26 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA

What to get: Shrimp and Grits

OMG! This is where Brian and I got married, and let me just tell you: Everyone raved about the food. My Mom and I went up a few days early to enjoy the southern charm of Savannah, and we ate here every day. It's that good. Some other notable dishes include the Fried Chicken Live Sliders and the Crabcakes. And the Crawfish Beignets. And the Biscuits with orange marmalade. It's all good. Over the beautiful river, with exposed brick and white-washed ceilings and tons of wine selections, this place is a true winner.

The grits are creamy and delicious with cheddar cheese, and the shrimp come in this rosemary bbq sauce. Oh lord, so yummy. And they give you so much!! Bring a friend to share.


Momma Joanna's Mac & Cheese

This is my Mom's original recipe for Mac & Cheese. It is famous in our family. I hope it will be a hit in yours.

What you need:

1lb pasta (any kind you like, we use rotini)
8 oz Velveeta
8 oz shredded colby jack
8 oz shredded sharp cheddar
1 stick butter
1/2 - 1 cup whole milk or half and half
pinch salt

Boil pasta according to box directions. Drain well, and put back in pot over low heat. Add butter and a little milk(go slowly with the milk so it doesn't get too runny). Add half of all cheeses and stir slowly and carefully until they are almost all melted. Add a little more milk and the rest of the cheese. Stir until all melted, and add more milk as necessary. Cheese sauce should coat the pasta, but NOT be runny like soup. Serve immediately.

When you go to reheat, add a drop or two of milk so it doesn't get dry.

I hope you enjoy!!



Hey Bloggies!!
I can't do a full post today as I am really, really sick, and so my humor is just not up to snuff. I wouldn't subject you to the unfunny me. It's so bad it's not even funny. Ha! Get it? Not even funny? Ahhhhh, moving on...
But I do want to share some photos that have started rolling in on facebook of the festivities from the WEDDING!! I got MARRIED!! I am a MRS.!! Can you tell I am excited?
So, here they are. There are tons more to come. 
Hora!! I like this one because I do not look like I am about to pee my pants from fear. Or maybe I do. Maybe this is my look of terror. Wouldn't that be nice? To be this stunning whilst holding my bladder?
The bridal party on the bridge about to take photos. Bonda captured this for us from afar. He said something deep and meaningful about Brian and I crossing a bridge of life together with our friends beside us. I said, "Thank God it's so far away you can't see my arm fat."
My bridesmaids the day before the wedding at Wet Willie's in Savannah, GA. Drinks were spilled, Katie got engaged to Ryan with my engagement ring, and Kristin walked 12 blocks in high heels. Class acts, these four. I love them.
I will share with you the full tale of the wedding weekend on my next post. I am waiting to be able to breathe without opening my mouth like a bass fish and getting spittle everywhere. But rest assured, it is a wondrous tale filled with laughs and tears and dancing in cages. Yep. Cages.
What did you all do this past weekend??
Shana, married Shana. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ok, Bloggies, I lied.

The last post was not my last post as a single girl. This is.

I just wanted to make sure I did this one early enough to get momentum. I am doing a holiday giveaway. I will send one lucky bloggie a giftcard and one special holiday surprise right after Thanksgiving. Unless you need it FOR Thanksgiving, in which case all you have to do is tell me that in your comment and I will make sure it happens.

Just tell me your holiday preference(i.e. Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus, Thanksgiving, etc.) and I will send you a surprise for that holiday.

On a somewhat related note, I also want to try and start a holiday miracle. If you are in need of help this holiday season, or want to help others but are not sure where to start, I am going to play Santa/Hanukkah Harry. Just email me or tweet me or comment me and I will match you up with help. Everyone deserves a wonderful holiday, and I am going to do my best to make sure it happens. I know it's early, but there's no time like the present.

Best of luck bloggies, and I will see you on the other side!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Gooooooin' To The Chapel, and I'm Goooooooonna Get Married

Hi Bloggies!

First off, I apologize for my absence. I have bride brain right now since I am getting married on SUNDAY!! I will probably not blog again until after that day, but I wanted to pop in to say "Hi!" and "I miss you all!"

There have been SO MANY things that have made me ask, "Is It Just Me?" in the last few days. But there is not enough time right now to explain it all. Let me just say that they all basically end with me calling people dirty liars.

Here is a short rundown of the various situations I found myself in:

- Me and fabric lady getting into an argument about $0.17 on tulle. I was the one willing to admit the higher price. Brian had to pull me into an adjacent fabric aisle to tell me that I was fully engaged, as far as he could see, in Bridezilla behavior. Apparently I had previously asked him to let me know if I behaved in such a manner. Which does not sound AT ALL like me.

- Me telling Kia dealership guy that either he rotated my tires and therefore did mess up my car, or he lied about rotating them and so could not be trusted to tell me the truth about whether or not he messed up my car. Lose-Lose.

- Possible legal action regarding some suspicious algae type gunk on my parking spot. Cut to neighbor taking pictures at 2pm in pajamas. Of the "algae", not herself. Although that would not surprise me.

- Fisticuffs situation in the stationary aisle over a Ninja Gnome kit. I think this one explains itself.

This is just a small sampling. My life is pretty much always a series of instances in which I am questioning either my sanity or the sanity of others. It's also a constant string of moments in which I attempt to understand the male species. One such instance occurred last night when I told Brian he needed new clothes and I planned to purchase them today. He said he has plenty of clothes, and not to get any more for him. Basically it went something like this:

Me: You need new sweaters and a pair of khakis. I will get them when I am out tomorrow.

Brian: Please don't. I'm fine, I have enough clothes.

Me: No you don't, because I buy you new stuff and you just throw the old stuff out.

Brian: Gosh, that must be frustrating. It's also a perfect reason for you to not buy me anything new. You wouldn't want me throwing out all those perfectly good clothes you ALREADY bought.

Me: Whatever. I'm not interested in controlling what you do.

Brian: Just what I wear.

Me: You need new clothes. I'm getting them tomorrow.

Brian: I think you just like to shop.

Me: That's immaterial here. What color sweaters do you want?

Brian: Green. Maybe some blue, if they have them. I don't need sweaters.

Me: Ok, green and blue it is then!

Brian: I don't need khakis.

Me: Yes, you do.

Brian: I'll get my own.

Me: When?

Brian: Get me flat-front.

Such is my life. He knows I am going to buy him the clothes, and he knows that he always loves what I pick out. He wears the things I buy him ALL THE TIME. You can't fake that kind of satisfaction. 

I promise to tell you the rest of the stories after this weekend!!

Not single for much longer,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Foodie Fridays are here again!

Happy Friday Bloggies!

Once again, in order to celebrate the happiness of Friday, we will not concern ourselves with the foolishness of others, but instead focus on delicious food. You will get one restaurant review and one recipe from my in-progress cookbook. Sounds like the best post EVER, right? Right.


Metro Diner ( at Jacksonville Beach)

* On a weekend you are going to want to get there by 9am if you want a quick seat, otherwise the wait could be 30min- 1hr. But believe me, it is so worth it. Plus they give you free coffee in the meantime!

What to get: Anything. The food is SO GOOD! But some favorites are Eggs Benedict(they have five varieties) or the Yohala French Toast made with Challa bread, stuffed with fruit and cream cheese and topped with blueberry compote. YUM!!

This restaurant is truly one of the rare places where incredible food meets friendly, quick service and the atmosphere is awesome. You can even bring in your own booze. I will capitalize that for the people just scanning this post. YOU CAN BRING IN YOUR OWN BOOZE. They charge a $5 corking fee, and they will bring you wine glasses, beer mugs, champagne flutes, whatever you want. Kristin and I had champagne with our breakfast and made mimosas!

Yes, we had cheap champagne. It was what was available at the time of our brilliant idea, and I am not afraid to admit that I occasionally drink what is on sale. I love me a bargain! The only place I do not compromise is my vodka. That is just insulting.
It was a morning to remember. Kristin and I only felt slightly bad that we were getting drunk at 8:30am next to children ( at an adjacent table...we do not have our own crumb-snatchers yet.) But we felt completely indulgent in having a 3 hour breakfast. Seriously, we both left a HUGE tip for the waitress because I could see the panic in her eyes that we kept sitting and sitting and the line was piling up outside with hungry diners.
We had this conversation:
Kristin: I think those people are looking in the window at us because we have been sitting here for so long.
Me: Wave!!
Kristin: I think they're pissed that we won't give up the table. **shouting to people outside** "I have champagne!!" **points to her glass**
Me: I don't think that made it better.
Kristin: Oh, like waving and smiling did? Why don't you go ask if they want your autograph?
Me: We have half a bottle left, I am not going to be an irresponsible citizen and drive with that, and we are sure as shit not leaving it here.
Kristin: Honestly, we're doing them a favor by not contributing to the drunk driving problem. Or driving with an open container. Whatever.
Me: Exactly. ** shouting at people** "Model citizens at this table!" *pointing to both of us*
Kristin: I think that lady just gave you the finger.

So, go to Metro Diner!! Go and eat lots of yummy food and then come back and share your pics!!
Candied Pecans
What you need for each batch:
4 cups pecan halves

1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp cinnamon
1pinch salt
1 pinch cayenne pepper(optional)
2 tbsp egg whites

Preheat the oven to 300. In a mixing bowl, lightly beat 3 egg whites until slightly frothy on top. Set aside. In another small bowl, mix the sugar, cinnamon and salt. Set aside.

In a very large mixing bowl, put 2 tbsp egg whites in the bottom of the bowl. Pour pecans over them, and mix completely by hand until all pecans are wet and sticky. Pour sugar mix over them, and then continue to mix by hand until all pecans are covered in the mixture.

Pour onto a non-greased, non-stick baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Take pecans out, and using a silicon or non-stick spatula, lightly mix pecans around to get them off the sheet and kind of turned over. Put back in the oven for another 15 minutes. Take out and let cool before you serve. Let them cool completely, like an hour or so, before storing them in an air-tight container.

Merry Weekends,