Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks For My Brian

Gobble Gobble, Bloggies!

On this Turkey Day Eve, I have decided to share with you what I am most thankful for in my life right now. My husband. Yep, I am that lady. I am mushy and gooey and all kinds of in love with my Brian, and so I am here to share the many reasons I am thankful for him. I promise this will not be painful.

Reasons I am thankful for Brian:

#1 He eats every single meal I make, no matter how crazy, or weird, or new the recipe is. He doesn't even ask questions when I grab the plate from him in the middle of him eating it to go put more sauce or veggies, or some other ingredient on it, because it will taste better that way.

#2 He laughs at my jokes. Now, I think I am a pretty funny person. But I know I'm not as funny as Brian. Mainly because I tend to over think things too much, but occasionally I will just let it fly and come up with something good. Either way, he always has a laugh for me.

#3 He is such a hard worker. He gets up early, he stays up late, he gives his all to his career. When he came to me two years ago and told me he wanted to quit his job to start his own business, I will admit I was a little nervous. But I knew that if he thought it would work, it would work. And it has, magnificently. He gives us a beautiful life, and I am thankful every day to him for that.

#4 He loves our animals. He brought our dog Holly into this relationship. I brought my cat, Red. We then adopted our cat Wrigley. Well, not so much adopted as I just brought her home one day. And she has been here for three years. Then, Red passed away suddenly, and even though Brian was not ready for another baby, he got me our new kitty, Maxwell Sheffield(from The Nanny). And even though he says the cat is not for him, I always catch him picking him and Wrigley up, and giving them kisses and cuddles and talking in baby talk to them. It is so sweet.

#5 He lets my crazy light shine at the holidays, even though he is the biggest Grinch around. Seriously, I call him Scrooge because he walks around saying, "Ba-Humbug." Mostly he does it to make me laugh, but he really doesn't like the candles and the wreathes and the holly and the cider and the lights. But he lets me do it, and he even helps me.

#6 He loves my family. My crazy, crazy family. But he doesn't just love them for me, he actually, genuinely loves them, just for who they are. He spends time with them, and laughs with them. He is their new favorite child. When I come over to visit now, the first thing I hear is, "Where's Brian??" I'm pretty sure it's not the same when he shows up without me though...hmmmmm.

#7 He finds my quirks adorable. He calls me Hollywood. When I have those days where I need to just lie under the covers and hide away, he just sticks my sunglasses on my face and lets me be me. He knows I am clumsy, and sometimes loud (ok, I am loud all of the times), and I get really excited about things (especially food), and that I have a strange addiction to Tic-Tacs. And he's ok with all of it.

#8 He will be a really, really good Dad. He has infinite patience, and love, and understanding. He is a fun person, he is lighthearted and lets stuff go. He sees the big picture. He knows the importance of baseball cards, and glow sticks, and playing catch in the park. I can't wait to see him be that person for our children. Well, maybe we can wait a little longer :) Sorry Grandma, Mom, Nan, Aunt Beth!

#9 I am reminded almost every day of why I am so lucky he is mine. I hear women complain so often about their husbands. How they don't come home when they say they will, or they don't answer their phones, or they forget things, or don't listen, etc. I never complain about Brian. I have no need to, and I wouldn't want to even if I did. He does answer his phone, and come home when he says he will, and he does listen. He is forgetful, but that's ok. It's our own little joke, and who doesn't forget stuff every now and again?

#10 He has awesome fashion sense.
You're welcome.
So, there they are! The reasons I am thankful for Brian.
What are you all thankful for this year?? I want to know!
Thankfully yours,

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