Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo Evidence of My Weirdness

Hi again Bloggies!
Because I love you all so much, I decided to also post for your viewing pleasure some various photos from the last few weeks that demonstrate how wacky things got for me. I hope you enjoy.
O.M.G. Crazy story. I have been following this dog, 50, on facebook for a few weeks. Then, the day after my wedding, in Savannah, I ran into him!! And his delightful Mommy! She let me take a picture, and then 50 let me feed him my hashbrowns.
Me and Max when I decided to buy Christmas costumes for the animals. Doesn't he look amazing?? Kristin took this photo, then we sent it to Brian. He told me the torture must stop. I told him to call the photographer.
 Max, the night we came home from Savannah. He missed his cuddles. This picture is just too cute to even be funny.

The crazy crab hat I bought in Savannah!! My Mom told me she would buy me a hat while we were there before the wedding, but then I picked this one out. She decided to go in a different direction and got me this totally awesome dragon hat. But I still purchased this one. This is why I work people. To be able to wear crabs on my head.

Me and Brian the day after our wedding. In front of a London phone booth :) I think the pose speaks for itself.
So, there you have it.
Yours in crabs,

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