Friday, November 16, 2012


Hey Bloggies!!
I can't do a full post today as I am really, really sick, and so my humor is just not up to snuff. I wouldn't subject you to the unfunny me. It's so bad it's not even funny. Ha! Get it? Not even funny? Ahhhhh, moving on...
But I do want to share some photos that have started rolling in on facebook of the festivities from the WEDDING!! I got MARRIED!! I am a MRS.!! Can you tell I am excited?
So, here they are. There are tons more to come. 
Hora!! I like this one because I do not look like I am about to pee my pants from fear. Or maybe I do. Maybe this is my look of terror. Wouldn't that be nice? To be this stunning whilst holding my bladder?
The bridal party on the bridge about to take photos. Bonda captured this for us from afar. He said something deep and meaningful about Brian and I crossing a bridge of life together with our friends beside us. I said, "Thank God it's so far away you can't see my arm fat."
My bridesmaids the day before the wedding at Wet Willie's in Savannah, GA. Drinks were spilled, Katie got engaged to Ryan with my engagement ring, and Kristin walked 12 blocks in high heels. Class acts, these four. I love them.
I will share with you the full tale of the wedding weekend on my next post. I am waiting to be able to breathe without opening my mouth like a bass fish and getting spittle everywhere. But rest assured, it is a wondrous tale filled with laughs and tears and dancing in cages. Yep. Cages.
What did you all do this past weekend??
Shana, married Shana. 

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