Monday, November 5, 2012

Gooooooin' To The Chapel, and I'm Goooooooonna Get Married

Hi Bloggies!

First off, I apologize for my absence. I have bride brain right now since I am getting married on SUNDAY!! I will probably not blog again until after that day, but I wanted to pop in to say "Hi!" and "I miss you all!"

There have been SO MANY things that have made me ask, "Is It Just Me?" in the last few days. But there is not enough time right now to explain it all. Let me just say that they all basically end with me calling people dirty liars.

Here is a short rundown of the various situations I found myself in:

- Me and fabric lady getting into an argument about $0.17 on tulle. I was the one willing to admit the higher price. Brian had to pull me into an adjacent fabric aisle to tell me that I was fully engaged, as far as he could see, in Bridezilla behavior. Apparently I had previously asked him to let me know if I behaved in such a manner. Which does not sound AT ALL like me.

- Me telling Kia dealership guy that either he rotated my tires and therefore did mess up my car, or he lied about rotating them and so could not be trusted to tell me the truth about whether or not he messed up my car. Lose-Lose.

- Possible legal action regarding some suspicious algae type gunk on my parking spot. Cut to neighbor taking pictures at 2pm in pajamas. Of the "algae", not herself. Although that would not surprise me.

- Fisticuffs situation in the stationary aisle over a Ninja Gnome kit. I think this one explains itself.

This is just a small sampling. My life is pretty much always a series of instances in which I am questioning either my sanity or the sanity of others. It's also a constant string of moments in which I attempt to understand the male species. One such instance occurred last night when I told Brian he needed new clothes and I planned to purchase them today. He said he has plenty of clothes, and not to get any more for him. Basically it went something like this:

Me: You need new sweaters and a pair of khakis. I will get them when I am out tomorrow.

Brian: Please don't. I'm fine, I have enough clothes.

Me: No you don't, because I buy you new stuff and you just throw the old stuff out.

Brian: Gosh, that must be frustrating. It's also a perfect reason for you to not buy me anything new. You wouldn't want me throwing out all those perfectly good clothes you ALREADY bought.

Me: Whatever. I'm not interested in controlling what you do.

Brian: Just what I wear.

Me: You need new clothes. I'm getting them tomorrow.

Brian: I think you just like to shop.

Me: That's immaterial here. What color sweaters do you want?

Brian: Green. Maybe some blue, if they have them. I don't need sweaters.

Me: Ok, green and blue it is then!

Brian: I don't need khakis.

Me: Yes, you do.

Brian: I'll get my own.

Me: When?

Brian: Get me flat-front.

Such is my life. He knows I am going to buy him the clothes, and he knows that he always loves what I pick out. He wears the things I buy him ALL THE TIME. You can't fake that kind of satisfaction. 

I promise to tell you the rest of the stories after this weekend!!

Not single for much longer,

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