Thursday, April 4, 2013

As Though Anyone Still Cares At This Point...

Hey Bloggies!!
So, ummmmm, three months later, here is the conclusion of my wedding picture post. I won't go into details as to why it has taken me so long. Let's just leave it at Shana finally got her shit together and posted some pictures. Ok? Ok.
Actually, truth be told, I was watching the Today show, whatdya know, TODAY, and they were talking about love and marriage and that triggered some mechanism in my head that allowed the little steal ball of blog posting reminders to roll its way through the obstacle course of my mind and into the cup up front that says, "Hey! Shana! Let's get our shit together and finish our wedding picture blog." And then when I was done wondering why I  was speaking to myself in third person, I got out my laptop aaaaaaand here we are.
We left off with a picture of Brian and I enjoying a moment to ourselves after our wedding portraits, and we will pick up with our announcement as Husband and Wife. Let's go!

Here we are getting ready for our first dance. I ripped the bottom seam of my dress walking up the stairs, OF COURSE, because what else would I expect of myself on a day when, literally, my only responsibility is to walk from place to place whilst others coordinate announcements and music and pretty much everything save for my keeping myself standing. Way to go, me.

Our first dance. Brian looking at me lovingly. We danced to "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne. It was magical. Though, apparently not as magical as the fact that you can see up my Sister-in-Law's skirt in this picture. But whatevs.

My beautiful Grandma Donna and her Manfriend, Hank. Let me tell you, Hank stole the show that day. He is a dancing fool, that man.

Brian and I on the balcony of our wedding venue.

Photobomb by our friend, Herb. This is not the last you will see of him. Watch out for his wicked yoga moves on the dance floor. 

Me and my Pops dancing our Grandfather/Granddaughter dance. We danced to Louis Armstrong's, "What a Wonderful World," because what can I say except that Pops makes my world wonderful. Not a dry eye IN THE HOUSE.  It's ok, I will wait while you get the tissues. 
Brian and Mamma Sue dancing to "How Sweet It Is." This was a really cute moment between them :)

The bouquet toss. Whoever said you can't run in heels has never met my girlfriends.

I'm not sure if you can tell in this photo, but there was pretty much a UFC match upon the downward arc of the bouquet. No one was injured....too badly.


The garter toss! So, I have never considered myself a very prudish person necessarily. I went to Catholic School, after all. But apparently my face is not ok with my leg being felt up by my HUSBAND in full view of my parents and family and friends and waiters and...oh my, did it turn some crazy shades of red before I leaned in and whispered in Brian's ear, "Get your hand out of my dress before I break it off." It was a very romantic moment.

Brian and I dedicated a song to my Grandparents in honor of their wedding anniversary being a few days after our wedding date. It was their 57th anniversary. So, the four of us danced to Don Williams', "You're My Best Friend." Again, not a dry eye to be seen. In fact, I looked over at my Grandparents at one point during the dance and my Grandfather was singing the song to my Grandmother! You'll excuse me if I go and get a tissue?

Time to get funky! Brian breaking it down with Aunt Sandy and Aunt Sharon.

All this girl needed was some Hall & Oates and a dance circle!

Ryan Dill, our groomsman. Let's just say Ryan was popular with the ladies that weekend. And pretty much every weekend. Oh, and did I mention he is also a doctor who travels to the far reaches of the globe to help those less fortunate than himself? Is there no limit to your amazingness, RYAN?

Cupid Shuffle!

So, this is Herb. Our amazing friend who also happens to be our vet. Again, a doctor who selflessly saves the lives of countless animals. Combine that with those sexy dance moves, and what woman wouldn't fall all over herself for that bouquet? * side note - notice Mal in the background getting SO EXCITED for what is about to happen on the dance floor*

Family photo! From the left - Zach, Me, Josh and Brandon. I actually have a collection going of pictures of the four of us over the years. It starts when Zach and I are about three and runs through the wedding. I am planning a massive unveiling of my masterpiece at some point soon. GET. THE. KLEENEX. 

The Hora! That magical moment in a Jewish bride's life when she is simultaneously filled with joy at the thought of just being married, and also with fear at the thought of either breaking her neck or her skirt flying over her head.

Brian leans in and whispers to me, "Pumpkin, we are surrounded by our friends and family, and I love you." WHY IS EVERYONE TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY??

Such handsomeness!!

Me and my Mens. Also, surprise! The bottom of my dress comes off. Josh, thanks for keeping THAT fashion secret for a whole year. I know it must have eaten away at you.

Us and our Besties. :) That look on my face is the result of hours upon hours of smiling. And smiling. And smiling. And some more smiling.

Aunt Beth (Hi, Aunt Beth!), Me, Grandma, and Aunt Deb.

Last, but most certainly not least, me and Herb sharing some gossip. Because what ELSE would I be doing on my wedding day??
So, that is all for today, y'all. I hope you enjoyed the photos and commentary. I know I sure did.
I plan to be back this Friday with the advent of Foodie Fridays! I am planning some awesome gluten-free recipes that everyone will enjoy.
Until then, love and all that good stuff,

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  1. Amazing photos! Glad you're back to blogging. Looking forward to more from you.