Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bagles Are Made of Bread...Right?

I went to Panera this morning to get some coffee. Big mistake. While I was standing in line, I could tell that the woman in front of me looked confused. I figured that she was just trying to decide what kind of bagel she wanted, as that can be a pretty stressful decision. Oh, how wrong I was. She gets up to the register(keep in mind, there are like 10 people in line behind her), and when the clerk asks her what she wants, she says "Oh, I just don't know. I'm on the low-carb diet, so I'm not sure what I can have." I kid you not, I turned around and walked out. One, because I didn't have time to stand there while genius came to the conclusion that she could not, in fact, have ANYTHING from Panera. And two, because I just knew that I didn't have the level of self control necessary to not ask this woman why she came, of all places, to a restaurant who's sign says "A Bread Company." Really, it's a question of knowing your limits.

- I have to say that I'm really proud of recent celeb Moms like Nicole Richie for making an attempt to give their children normal names. Harlow may not be the first thing that most people would think of, but at least it's not a food. I mean, what kind of name is Apple? Whenever I hear it, I think of the scene in Anchorman when Steve Carell says "I love lamp." I think that Gwen was just sitting at home one day before she went in to labor, spotted an apple sitting on her kitchen counter(or wherever it is that celebs keep their fruit), and decided then and there that she was naming her baby Apple. At least that's the way I see it going down.

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