Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Me...Lucky, Lucky, Lucky You

Hi Bloggies!
I'm a little lazy with the blog this morning, because I have been under the weather, and as such am a little behind on my editing for the Magazine. Sooooo, what that means is that today we are taking a photo tour of my life! Yay!
Not my whole life, mind you. There isn't enough space in the blogosphere for that. But, just a short little trip to introduce you to some of the most important peeps.
So, grab your snacks, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and away we go!
This is Brian and Ryan in Chicago. Ryan is one of the groomsmen in our wedding! Ryan drove all the way from Indianapolis to stay with us for a night in the Windy City, and attempt to convince me to sleep on the cot so these two lovers could snuggle. Sorry, Ryan. No cigar.
This is my cousin, Zach. And me. In this pic we are at Scarlett O'Hara's, a cute little bar here in St. Augustine. Zach had just recently moved to the area, so we were enjoying a night of drinks and debauchery. I am six months older than Zach, and so obviously he listens to me and takes my advice without question. :/
This is the picture I took of Cloud Gate in Chicago. No real story other than I love this picture because it reminds me of the amazing day I took it on with my Brian. And also, because I love Chicago, it was always a dream of mine to take my very own classic picture of the structure.

This is my kittie, Wrigley. In this picture she is holding my back scratcher hostage. Wrigley is a little terrorist. She may be small, but she will cut a ho. Seriously, her back claws are like two inches longer than her nail beds.
Me and my Mommy. She is my best friend. An example of such is that she agreed with me after this picture that bangs were really not a good choice considering I had to straight iron them for an hour to get them to lay even this straight since my hair is so curly. And also, because when I went to get my hair cut the next time and had them do upkeep trim on said bangs, she said not word one.

My doggie, Holly! Holly needs exclamation points because she is the happ, happ, happiest dog in town! She weighs 100 lbs, and thinks she weighs 5lbs. She is my lap dog.
This is my other kittie, Max. Maxwell Sheffield. He is a little ball of energy, and is the only one who can jump on Wrigley whilst she is getting her beauty rest, and not get ripped to shreds. I feel he takes advantage of this. He also jumps onto my desk pretty often to help me work.
Me and Brian. That is all.
Ryan, Brian and Myself. After a few drinks, with your eyes closed BRIAN.
My bestie, Kristin. With her giant drink in celebration of me FINALLY graduating college.  She is one of my bridesmaids. :)
Me and Brian at the same celebration dinner.
Me, Zach, Josh, Brandon. My loves! These are my three cousins on my Mom's side. This is the day of Zach's high school graduation. High School! Look at my tan slimness, not to be seen again until this year because I was sure as hell not walking down the aisle to anything less than a starved version of myself. But I digress...
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It is of my Aunt Beth (Hi Aunt Beth!), my Aunt Debbie, me and my Grandma Donna. Three of the funniest ladies I know. When we are together, the laughs are endless. I am so excited to have dinner with all of them the Saturday before my wedding! Also, I love that Aunt Beth and Grandma are wearing matching shirts, and that they did not plan that.
Me and Kristin signing up for our sky diving adventure! We decided to go together for our 25th birthdays. Brian is taking the picture and laughing uncontrollably. Apparently the possibility of me plummeting to my death amused him. There is a video somewhere of me jumping out of the tin can that was our plane ahead of Kristin, and you can barely hear her in the background shouting, "Shana, I love yoouuuuuuuuuuuu!" I think it's sweet that she considered we both might die, or maybe just me, and wanted our last moments to be filled with love.

That is all for now. Just a short glimpse into my world. I'm sure over our lifetime together, there will be many pictures to share and many stories to tell.
What are some of your stories, bloggies? Any pictures you want to share?
Safely on the ground,

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