Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Shut Your Trashy Mouth When You're Talking To Me!

Goodmorning Bloggies!!

So, Imma be honest witcha, I was seriously concerned regarding my ability to find something so soon that would make me ask, "Is it just me?" Because honestly, my life has been pretty awesome lately. This is because of Brian. Brian makes my life awesome. But anywhos, I was on facebook this a.m. as per usual to stalk my friends and family when BAM, it happened. Like, two minutes after I woke up.

I should have known that since the debate was last night that someone would not be able to control themselves and would have to get into some ridiculous fight over some political bullshit on facebook, of all places. It was also not surprising to me who the bullshit came from. But before we get into what went down, let me share with you my feelings on the facebook: I love facebook for a few reasons, but mainly because I have lots of friends that have moved away and it's the fastest way for me to see pics of their adorable kids, pets, homes, work, etc. and also know what is going on with them, like when they get a new job or new relationship, what have you. I do not like that people use facebook as a public place to air their political garbage. That's what the holidays with family are for. So, I tend to just ignore posts about our President, or Mittens, or anything having to do with healthcare(I get my notices from BCBS as it is regarding my non-existent medicare coverage...perhaps because I get so many tests done? another story people, another time).

But I could not ignore it this a.m., not once I saw this "friend" of mine call a woman a "trash mouth." Here's how this went down:
- First, this friend of mine posted her usual ramblings about the President and his "lies" and somehow that coordinated with his race, or something. Honestly, I might just copy the text of her post at the bottom so that you all can see it for yourselves, because I read it many times and couldn't figure out how race came into this logically, but whatevs.
-Then, and this is where things went really wrong, she said something about painting him white. PAINTING HIM WHITE. So, this other woman commented, and basically was just disagreeing about whether or not Obama lies, and then at the end asked the question, "Why should we paint him white?"
- My "friend" then accused tis woman of calling her a racist and said, "You're a trash mouth."

Is it just me, or is that a serious leap of logic spawned by the hatred some people have of anyone ever questioning their political "opinions" otherwise known, to them, as "the truth?" So, this woman who asked why we should paint Obama white responds by saying, basically, "I don't  think you're a racist, I have never accused you of being one, I was just participating in a friendly political debate with you, and asking why you said we should paint him white?" Nope, "friend" was not having it. She responded with "Whatever, you're a trash mouth."

Why would you post anything about the DEBATE and then get upset if someone wanted to DEBATE back? If you're posting about politics on your facebook, and commenting daily, I might add, on how stupid and selfish and horrible liberals are, how can you honestly expect that no one is EVER going to turn back and say, "Hey, I don't really agree, here is why, and let's discuss." And then get pissed and start name-calling like a child? Don't post about politics and dish it out if you can't take it in kind. When your beloved Mittens debates with Obama, he doesn't throw accusations and then run off the stage holding his ears closed and shouting, "I can't HEAR YOU!!!!" No, he stands there, albeit with that smug look on his face, and listens, like a gentleman. I don't even like the man, and I'll give him that.

Look, I love a good conversation on the state of the nation as much as the next girl, but I try to keep those conversations to the dinner table and long car rides with Brian when I am guaranteed a captive audience for my comments like, "Joe Biden reminds me of unflavored oatmeal." I'm not out there pushing my opinions on others and sending them daily reminders that they are the cause of this nation's problems. "VOTING FOR OBAMA WILL KILL ALL THE BABIES" and shit like that. No, I just sit quietly at my computer while Brian watches the debates or news and occassionaly throw out really important commentary, such as

"See honey? You CAN wear a blue stripe tie with a yellow shirt."


"Did that moderator just call Obama 'Obama Bin Laden'????"


"That Michelle is wearing the new crewl sweater from J. Crew I wanted!"

OR, my personal favorite,

"Brian, turn that down! I am trying to watch the premier of season 8 of Weeds!!"


Above is the link to the Wedding Crasher's line that is this post's namesake.

** Also, very sorry, but when I went back to copy the text of the original post from facebook, the owner had deleted it. :( Perhaps because she looked at it again and realized she was being a hypocritical nonsense slinger? Probably not. But we can hope.

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