Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Games People Play

Wassup Bloggies?!

How are we this glorious fall morning? Or, as we like to call it in Florida, "Not the surface of the sun!" I feel like I should warn you now that this post is going to kinda be all over the map today. There's so much I want to share with you! But I don't want you to get lost, so I'll try and break it down into subsections. Or categories...or bullet points...something! there will be something to indicate new topics.

First, as indicated in the title, I want to tell you about a little game Brian and I play. And before you all get dirty on me, I mean in the office. Wait, that didn't sound right either...just follow me, ok? So, because Brian and I both work from home now, and because we are both in businesses where we mainly communicate through email and social media, and also mainly talk about OTHER people, whether through newsletters or articles or what-have-you, we are subject to some people giving us pushback.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Shana, who would dare EVER give Brian pushback?? He is obviously the nicest and most fair person ever and no one could ever disagree with him."

And I agree with YOU!! Brian is the most popular in this relationship. Both with me and others. But sometimes people do write to him to tell him their disappointment in something he has done. And this happened yesterday.

(And also, thanks for assuming people get upset with me constantly and also not even pretending to be shocked. Thanks.)

SO, long story longer, we play this game with emails people send us(and any communication really) in which they express some kind of anger or disappointment with us, where we ask eachother to give suggested responses because sometimes it can be hard to be objective when someone is attacking you.  Brian did so with one such email yesterday. He asked me to come take a look and let him know my thoughts. So, I did. I knew after the first line what he should say. Three little words with a whole lotta meaning...

"Haters gonna hate."


We then had this conversation:

Brian: AAHAHAAA!!... oh wait, you're serious?

Me: Yep. Yes I am. Because they're obviously hatein' on you.

Brian: Do you have anything else?

Me: You should add at the end, "Step the f*&$ off, yo!"

Brian: Go away, this is not helpful.

Me: Don't be hatein'!

Brian: ***stares at me*** No more Flo-Rida for you.

So, yeah. My suggestion was not taken THIS time. But I assure you, bloggies, they usually are when, you know, I act normal and say something more along the lines of, "Tell them to check THEIR facts!!" or, "You are the smartest man in the whole world!" or something like that.

TOPIC #2: (like how I did that? I didn't forget my promise)

So, as you know, I am getting married in just a few short weeks. This means that we have been getting tons of gifts delivered to the house! The only unfortunate part is when something really heavy is delivered, and we are not here, it is left on the doorstep and we have to bring it in ourselves. And if Brian is not home, that means I have to do it, annd those of you who know me know that my upper-body strength is non-existent. So, the other day, a package got dropped off, and Brian was just walking out the door as this happened, so I thought, "Perfect! He can bring it in and leave me to tear into it like a three-year-old on Christmas morning!"

But do you know what he did??? He looked down at it, looked at me, and said, "Oh good, a gift. Let me know what it is when I get back."


So, I asked very nicely(eyeroll) if he would carry it inside for me. Because I am a LADY and a delicate flower and also was just kinda cranky and wanted to stay inside the air-conditioned house.

But he said, "No, take it in yourself, I'm already downstairs and you're RIGHT there."

So, I shut the door. With the package still outside. I actually did intend to go get it. I just wanted to wait until he drove off, and (in my mind) felt guilty about not helping me.  I went to get some water and play with our cats and generally pass some time until I felt he was safely around the corner and would not catch me doing his bidding, and then I could tell him later that some very nice young gentleman was passing by and offerd to help me when he saw my horrible struggle of getting the box inside.

*** side note, there actually is this very adorable 12 year-old in our neighborhood who is so polite, and the other day, when he saw us, asked how our family brunch went. Kudos to his Mother!! Or Father!! Or whoever is raising such a nice young man.

So, anyways, before I could carry out my plan, I heard the door open back up, and there he was. My knight in shining armor carrying in the box. Yes, Brian came back in with our gift. He put it down on our bench by the door, turned and walked back out, without a word.

I love him so much. SO MUCH. He puts up with so much from me.

Topic #3:

I got some mysterious voicemail the other day from my wedding dress lady telling me I missed an appointment. I had NOT missed an appointment. I may forget to floss, or do my editing on articles until the last minute, or even eat, but I have not forgotten, not ONCE, anything having to do with my wedding. I have dreamed of this day since I was able to dream, and I am aware of every little detail, every appointment, every tasting, EVERYTHING.

Also, let's be honest. I would never forget to eat. I'm a Jewish woman. It will never happen.

So, I call back and no one in the shop could figure out what I was trying to tell them. Which to me is worrysome, especially considering all I was saying was, "Hi, someone in alterations just left me a voicemail saying I had missed an appointment today. Here is my last name, can you please confirm that my appointment is next Tuesday?" Is that confusing to any of you?

In the end, I got it all figured out, and everything is good, and my dress fits, etc. But it was so frustrating! I hate when people make things more complicated than it has to be. I got so many ridiculous questions from these people before anyone helped me in the slightest!

"You're dress doesn't fit?"
"You are picking up your dress today?"
"You want to make an appointment to buy a dress?"
"You are returning your dress?"

NO! I just want to confirm an appointment for a fitting, and make sure that I did not, in fact, miss one as you JUST left me a message saying I did. Literally, the woman I was speaking to was the one that left the voicemail! And I'm not saying that she doesn't have tons of people she calls every day, and tons of dresses and brides on file, but I gave her my account #, my last and first name(in that order bc that is how they look it up), my dress style #, my appointment time, everything. I could not have been more prepared for that phone call.


So, is it just me? Do you all experience peope sending you "hatein'" emails? Or does your significant other do things that sometimes baffle you? Whether in a pleasant or unpleasant way? Or have you recently experienced an encounter where you just could not be understood and felt like a foreigner in your own life?

Let me know bloggies!

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