Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enough About Me. Let's Talk About You. What Do You Think About Me?

Hey Bloggies!

So, while we all wait with bated breath for my wedding pictures, I thought today we could talk about me. I realized last night that I don't always provide a lot of background for stories, or my life in general, in these posts. I thought it might be a good idea, to, ya know, talk about me for once. Or for the bazillionth time. Whatever. I will do it with a numbered list, of course, because how else is one to share random and wacky things about themselves? Or boring and completely mundane things about themselves. Again, whatever. If you have questions, call Brian. He has the same ones, probably.

1. I am in love with Publix. For those of you who do not live in the general Southeast region, Publix is our #1 grocery store. Now, I don't have any proof that it is #1, other than the fact that it is #1 in my heart. I just love it so much because Publix's moto is, "Where shopping is a pleasure." And it is!! The people are SO NICE, and helpful, and the store is always sparkling clean, and if they are out of something, they will call the distributor or other stores, or even God himself, to make sure you have it within, like, 10 minutes. And they have awesome, rare products that you would normally have to go to a specialty store for. But let me not get off track, this is about ME after all. I spend so much time in Publix. I will find any excuse to go there and shop. The result is that if you open my fridge or pantry or freezer, you would think I am stocking up for the apocalypse. I seriously have so much FOOD, all the TIME. Also, Publix has the best sub sandwiches EVER. In the deli section they have a little sub counter, and it is just amazing. If you ever wonder why it takes me so long to go grocery shopping, it's because I order a sub almost every time I go, and then after I have put all the groceries in my car, I sit down in my front seat with the radio on and devour that sub like a wild animal. I have love affairs with those sandwiches. People walking by must think that my husband doesn't let me eat or something just based on the way I am digging into the sub. Napkins everywhere. Black olives all over the place. Lettuce stuck to my nose and cheeks. It's a sight to behold.

2. I watch the Bridget Jones movies every year at the holidays, and read the books. I'm not sure why, but they just remind me of Christmas. Maybe because the first one starts and ends at the holidays? And you can't watch/read the first one without watching/reading the second one. I just love the story of them, and the humor, and the way that they perfectly represent how it feels sometimes to be a single woman. Even though I am no longer a "singleton", I know that frustration and embarrassment and hatred that singletons can sometimes feel towards the rest of the world when all that's really needed is for Mark Darcy to say, "I like you, just as you are." *SIGH*.

3. I LOVE TV. Movies, tv shows, you name it and I love it. However, I have this thing about tv shows where I cannot watch them while they are playing during their regular season. I usually(ok, always) wait until there are a few seasons out on DVD and then watch them all at once.The last show I watched religiously on tv was Dawson's Creek.  Why is this? Because I am not a patient person, and I don't do well with delayed gratification. Perhaps it's because I am an only child, so I never really had to wait much for stuff because I was the only little crumb snatcher my parents had to get to stop screaming. It drives my friends nuts. They try and talk to me about shows they are watching, and I just stare back blankly and say, "Oh, well, when season 4 comes out on DVD let me know and I will catch up." Brian also is not the biggest fan of this habit since he knows that when I discover a new show to get addicted to, he won't really see me for a week or two. I'm thinking Frasier is next. I have seen episode re-runs, but I want to start from the beginning of the story. And since there are 11 seasons on DVD, this could be a while.

4. I really, really, really want to move to Chicago. Like, really, really, really bad. I have never lived there, I have no family there, and basically nothing tying me to Chicago other than the fact that it is my most favoritist city ever and I want to live there. Brian took me on vacation there in February, and it was amazing. I love it for many reasons, but a few top ones are: 1) you don't necessarily have to own a car there. 2) It is a food mecca, which is very important to me. 3) It's a big city, but easily navigated. 4) I love the way I feel when I am there. People often ask me if I like big cities why I don't move to New York. Well, it's just so, New York. Don't get me wrong, I love to visit New York. But it's just too big, too seedy, too dirty and competitive and not Mid-Western enough for me. I know Chicago has bad neighborhoods and crime, etc. I'm not oblivious to that. I guess the only way to explain it is that when I am there I feel at home. The only thing I would not like is that my family would not be close. So, mission for 2013? Convince my entire family to move there also. Should be SUPER easy.

5. I love pj's. I sometimes think that if it were socially acceptable, I would wear my pajamas everywhere. Grocery store, movies, parties. Wherever. Now that I work from home, I pretty much wear them all the time. Right now my favorites are my holiday ones with trees and reindeer. I even coordinate my pj's. I have matching sets, and color-coordinated tops for each season, and different fabrics for different climates. I'm very serious about them. For instance, I would never wear plaid pants with a striped top, or a purple top with a different shade of purple pants. That would not match and my cats would judge me. I would say I have almost as many pj's as I do regular clothes. And for those of you who know me personally and have seen my closet, I think you know that means it is reaching a dangerous point of no return.

6. I'm kind of a local celebrity. Well, not really. Though, I did get offered a regular spot on a local radio station yesterday! I called my Mom to tell her, and her first response was, "You're going to be Oprah before you know it." She so gets me. I did an interview with a new local station, and the owner asked if I would like to do a weekly spot on the events going on in Saint Augustine. I told him he must ask my editor, since technically the spot would be tied to the magazine. I am hoping she says yes! People tell me I have a great personality for things like public speaking, and apparently the radio, but really I am a very shy person when it comes to speaking in front of others. My cousin Lisa is a DJ on this HUGE radio station in Jacksonville. She is the one in the family who got those genes, and she is fantastic at it. Me, I prefer to stay behind my computer. But, sometimes you just have to give the public what they want.

7. I absolutely love me some 80's pop tunes. I dance in my car to them. I bee-bop around the house to them. I have a special little shuffle today for Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True." I'm quite fond of the upbeat and hilarious lyrics and musical stylings of Huey Lewis & The News. I play my air guitar to George Michael. Because you know what? It is hip to be square. You gotta have faith. Sledgehammer is my jam, and sometimes I can't stop 'til I get enough. Which is never, obviously.

8. I am ok with lists not being a typical number of numbers...hehehe...number of numbers. Seven real ones and this one to explain why there are only seven is fine by me, and since this is my blog and not the numbers police blog, I am sticking to my guns. Or my numbers. Whatever. You know what I mean.

Hope you all enjoyed a peak into my world and who I am! I would love to know interesting(or boring) things about you! Please share.


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