Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh Target, You Tempting Mistress

Top o' the Mornin' to Ya Bloggies!!

How is everyone? I hope the answer is, "Fantastic!"

So, I am yet again going to post about my party this weekend. I am just SO EXCITED, I cannot even tell you. I have so much new, shiny stuff to use, and all of our friends will be here(well, most of them, HERB), and it just really promises to be a magical evening for all.

So, the sweaters. I know you are DYING to know about the sweaters, and the craftiness, and the magic of what mine will be. Well, sorry, it's a secret. Only Mallory knows. She and I went shopping yesterday for our sweater supplies, and let me just say this: we were gone all day. Seriously, like seven hours worth of sweater supply shopping.

However, as Brian might point out(thanks, BRIAN), I did ransack Target, and not just for sweater-making. I went nuts on the decor aisle. Mallory witnessed the carnage. This is pretty much how the trip to Target went:

Me: I am only here to shop for sweater stuff....these napkins are adorable. I need them.

Mal: Ohhhhh, these snowflake ones are pretty, too. You need them.

Me: And there's matching plates! I need them.

Mal: And a matching tablecloth! You need it.

Me: A "Happy Hanukkah" sign! I need it.

Mal: And dreidels! And gelt! You need them.

Me: And candles and stockings! I need them.

Mal: I think you just pretty much need the entire holiday section.

Me: Pretty much. Where is a clerk? Wrap it up.

It was on like Donkey Kong yesterday, because I knew I needed decor and party favors and plates and napkins and forks and spoons and knives, oh my! But I just hadn't realized HOW MUCH I needed until yesterday. So, the store is stocked. My guest room looks like a party-supply room. Which Brian keeps reminding me is also his office. Which I keep reminding him has nothing to do with my stockpile of tinsel so HANDS OFF.

But back to the sweaters. Mallory and I both got everything we needed to make ours, and Friday she will be coming back over to craft with me! I will just say that Mal's sweater might just be the most adorable thing ever. If she weren't my BFF, I might have to wait until she finished making it and then smother her and steal her sweater. Oh, what? Did I just type that?

Anywho, it's just really very exciting to plan this party and build the anticipation of the grand holiday sweater contest and I cannot wait to share photos with you all! I promise that as soon as Monday hits I will at least have some of the pictures edited and ready to go.

Also, I will do my best not to forget about Foodie Fridays tomorrow. I am going to go plan it now so I have my notes ready bright and early.

Wrapped in tinsel,

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