Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get Your Sweater On

Good Afternoon Bloggies!

SO, Christmas sweaters. I am planning on making some. As you may know, this weekend is the Inaugural London Holiday Party, and the theme this year is ugly holiday sweaters. So, naturally, I couldn't just go out and BUY one. That would be too simple. I am making my own. But the great thing is, now it has turned into a contest. Everyone coming is making their own!

I am currently in a text convo with my BFF Mal regarding said holiday sweaters since we are going to have a craft day tomorrow to bust these suckers out and dominate this contest. Mal, by the way, always sends the funniest texts EVER. A sampling of various texts over the past few weeks:

Mal: (picture of sweater leggings) You must get some!

Me: What are they???? They look glorious. Are they leggings?

Mal: They are sweater leggings. So, sweattings?? They have improved my life by 100%.


Me: Let's go dancing this weekend. Girls' night!

Mal: That is exactly what I need to erase the memory of my horrible date last night. Shana, he had a Fergie tattoo. Wtf? What do you even say to that?

Me: Well, what did you say?

Mal: I didn't, I just got up and left.


Mal: I'm thinking my sweater for the party will have a Baby Jesus theme.

Oh, she keeps me in stitches. So, tomorrow, Mallory and I will be hitting the stores to find some sweaters, and some crafty items to hot glue onto them. I'm thinking a tree theme for mine, with bells and ornaments? Too predictable? I'm really interested to see how she pulls off the Baby Jesus theme. Perhaps with a baby doll and some tissue paper?

My Mom always laughs at me and Brian and our friends. She says we are all like big children that somehow manage to be responsible and have our own homes and jobs and pay our bills and do all the things adults need to do, but outside of that we are all pretty much 12 at heart. And I agree! I have never understood people who reach adulthood and suddenly think the fun is over and they are never allowed to indulge in child-like wonder and hilarity ever again.

I think the best part of being an adult is that you can really be a kid when you want because there is no one there to tell you not to, like when you were a child. I can spoil my dinner all I want with cookies! I can wear reindeer pajamas all day if I want, and even to the grocery store if the mood should strike. I can take myself to see the Lion King 3D every day for an entire month if I choose. My friends and I can have sleepovers and stay up as late as we want and eat an entire gallon of ice cream and be loud and watch movies with R ratings...not that we would ever do that, *cough, cough*, because, you know, it's not healthy to eat that much ice cream and we obviously need our sleep to go to work the next day. And we would never watch the official documentary on the Back Street Boys or anything if we DID have such a sleepover. No, that would never happen. We are dignified and watch serious, foreign films with subtitles *cough, cough*.

I promise to post pictures of all the holiday sweaters and the party and possibly some reindeer pajama pics. :) I also promise to post my wedding pictures which I have been talking about for almost a month now, but I am still waiting on them and I am starting to itch and bite my nails to nothing because I want them NOWNOWNOWNOWNOW...but again, I am a LADY and an ADULT and will practice patience.

What? No, that doesn't sound like me at all. I will instead leave hinting, nagging comments on my photographer's facebook page until he gets sick of me and sends me the photos.

In his defense, he did have to photo shop two HUGE pizza slices off of me, since that is what I chose to eat two days before my wedding at Vinny Van Go-Go's in Savannah, GA. I wasn't exactly "watching" what I ate in the weeks leading up to my wedding. Well, that's not true. I watched my food intake. I watched it go from my plate, to my fork, to my mouth. And then I watched myself repeat the process like 40 billion times.

Until then, is it just me? Do you have any child-like habits or activities that you like to do now that you are an adult? I want to know!



  1. Love this!!! Also, though, I couldn't find you on Twitter! Can you follow me and then I'll follow you back? That might be easiest....OR I'm just super slow and don't know how to use Twitter properly.

  2. Yes, I will do that!! What is your twitter name? Is it even called a name on twitter?...jeeeeze, that is how out of touch I am. Excuse my complete dorkiness for not even knowing what twitter names are called :) And thank you! I'm glad you like the blog! PS, my twitter "name" is @ShanaLLondon