Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Day We Have All Been Waiting For. AKA The Day I Have Been Waiting For. AKA Wedding Pictures.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! They are HERE!!!!! They are here to share with YOU!!!! Hanukkah is the season of miracles, and even though it is technically over, I still consider this to be a miracle of the season. The wedding pictures are here. I am so excited. Our wedding photographer came over yesterday to drop off the disc and I practically lept into his arms with joy at the site of them.
I know I have been going on about them for FOREVER, so I hope they live up to your expectations.
Let me start at the beginning of this tale. I was a nervous wreck in the days leading up to my wedding. Planning it long distance(wedding was in Savannah, we live in St. Augustine) made me a pretty nervous bride since I just had to trust, for the most part, that I would show up and everything would be right. And right it was. It was beyond perfect.
So, I will now share with you the story of our wedding day, through pictures. 
My hair! I loved my hair. I did not have a trial, but the girl who worked my weave did a fantastic job, and was awesome to boot!! The moment my hair was complete was when I felt that my wedding was really happening. I looked in the mirror, got so excited that I excused myself like a lady to go vomit a little in the bathroom, wiped my mouth and came out and put my makeup on. I was ready!

Not sure what was happening here. But it's a picture of me, so here it is. 
 Me during my 15 minutes of being a model. This was taken before the ceremony. I refused to let Brian see me before I walked down the aisle. I wanted a true reaction from him w hen he first saw me in all of my bridal glory.
Me being thoughtful and looking out the window. I was thinking, thoughtfully, "Did I put on deodorant?!"

Turns out, I had not put on deodorant, but Brittany saved the day because she had some in her bag. Then my Mommy came downstairs to where I was waiting with my bridesmaids, and gave me a kiss, and told me I looked like an angel. I then cried, and then told my Mommy to stop making me cry, and then apologized profusely to my Mom for telling her what to do. I  may have been a ball of emotions.

Then my photographer, Perry, told me to look out the window. So I did. 
Model shot! So glamorous. I then shoved a biscuit in my mouth.

Then I got to sit down, but only on half of my behind, in a chair and let Perry shoot from above. He got about five pictures in when I told him I was about to fall off the chair and I was done. That was my one diva moment. 

"AHAHAHAA! You think it's so funny that I am about to fall off this chair."

When I was standing by the window taking pictures, I looked down and saw some of our friends gathered on River Street!! I pounded, I mean tapped lightly like a lady, on the window and then Perry took a picture!! Aren't they all so spiffy?

I know this looks like I am laughing with joy. I was really shouting for some damn water because I was sweating my ass off.

Me and Baby Alice, Brian's Goddaughter and my flower girl.

She is such a little angel and helped me with my dress and stayed by my side the whole morning.

Me and the bridesmaids right before we all walked down the aisle. They chose this moment to tell me they had stayed out until 3:30am the night before. I got married at 11am. You do the math. They all pulled it together though and looked absolutely gorgeous. I am so lucky to have them for my best friends.

My Mommy and Nan sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin. I told my Mom that she was the most beautiful I had ever seen her. And that's pretty darn beautiful.

Brian!!! Waiting for his beloved.

Me and Pops! He was waiting for me at the top of the stairs to walk me down the aisle. Oh lord, did the tears come on then. This is me telling him I love him, and also not to let go of my hand because I did not have my glasses on and could not see anything.

I'll spare you the million pics of the back of our heads. This is after we said our "I do's" and right before Josh pronounced us husband and wife. Our ceremony lasted 13 minutes. Seriously, our vet Herb timed it.

After we walked back down the aisle. That look you see on my face is one of, "Thank God I don't feel like I am going to vomit anymore." I think I get my nervous stomach from my Aunt Beth. I cannot handle high stress situations without throwing up. So, I was very pleased indeed when that subsided.

Me and my cousin, Josh. He was so wonderful to agree to marry us even though he had never officiated a wedding before. He did such a great job, and it meant so much that it was him who did it.

Picture time! My face hurt from all the smiling, but it was a good hurt.

The boys :)

Hmmmm...not really sure what this is all about. Did Brian lose his balance?

Me and the beautiful ladies. Seriously, could they be any more gorgeous?

Oh, don't mind us, we're just in the middle of a photo shoot.

All of us in front of the Cotton Exchange. We were supposed to go to Forsyth Park to take pictures in front of the huge fountain, but you know what? I think this was one of those things that didn't go as planned, but turned out amazing. 

He is such the ladies man!

You like that natural pose? I was feeling very J Crew ad in this shot. 

Brian wanted to dip me. I threatened his life if he dropped me or in any way messed up my hair, makeup or dress. So, that might be the cause of the look of fear on his face.

This was my fairytale moment.

After the outside pictures were done, Brian and I went back to the little room downstairs where we got married to wait to be announced for our first dance. Perry followed us and got some great shots. Brian was happy because we got a few moments alone. I was happy because the plate of bacon and biscuits the girls had earlier was still there.

This is one of my absolute favorite moments. I was so, so happy. Mostly because I just married the love of my life. And also a little because after this picture was taken, Perry left us to go back upstairs, and then Brian gave me bacon to eat.
So, that is the first part of the wedding!!! Next week I will post the reception pictures, because there are just too many to put them all in this post.
I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!
Happy Holidays,

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