Monday, December 10, 2012

Fa-la-la-la-la La-la la la

Happy Monday Bloggies!!!

So, I am here today to share so many pictures from the holiday party! It was a huge success. Granted, more than half the people invited didn't RSVP or show up, DAVE, but the people who did are amazing and it was the perfect party just for them being there. Our friends are the best ever, and they brought with them so much Christmas/Hanukkah spirit and cookies that it made me get all watery-eyed.

Also, the sweaters ROCKED. I mean, honestly, I could not have imagined in all my wildest dreams of Christmas tricks and peppermint sticks that the sweaters would be so crafty and lovely and all-around amazing. But let me not try and describe it in words. Pictures are needed.

Katie and Mallory. I don't know if you can tell, but Katie's tree LIGHTS UP. Seriously, I think we all knew who would win the contest when she walked in.

Katie. I'm not sure she was expecting this photo?

Me and my Mommy!! She made so much delicious food, and then just as soon as she was there, she left to go to another holiday party. She is such the social butterfly. Also, all the food she made was the first to go. I totally gave her credit for it.
Does this snowflake make me look fat?

The crafters. Notice the yule log on the TV in the background. It's the little details.

Me and my Brian under the kissing ball. He even wore the reindeer antlers I bought us!

Kristin and I under the same kissing ball. There are about 20 photos of us in various poses under it, but I thought this one really captured our love for each other.
Me and my cousin Lisa! I think you can really see the resemblance in this one. Also, I think I may have been cleaning my teeth when this was taken? Brian wasn't the most patient of photographers.
I love this one!!!!! Mal might get mad at me for posting it, but I'm willing to take that chance.
BFFs! 11 years of love right there. And Kristin, photobombing :)

The four of us are pretty fond of each other. And the food.
This is obviously already framed and hanging above my mantel. Thanks BRIAN for photobombing it.
That's handmade awesome sauce right there.
 Me and my cousin Zach! I'm pretty sure he missed his work party for this, and it was a very fancy one because he is a super important trader at Deutsche Bank.
 Brian is such the ladies man :)
Let me break this down for you: a nativity scene with Darth Vader as the angel, Tommy Pickles as Baby Jesus, Power Rangers as Mary and Joseph, and Smurfs as the three Wise Men. I think that says it all.
A very classic Christmas scene on this one. We were all concerned, because let's just say that Kristin operates on a different wave length than the rest of us. "Thinking outside of the box" doesn't really describe her creative process.
Katie and her light up sweater, complete with snowman pocket and elbow patches, and reindeer shoulder pads.
My sweater was a snowman in a winter wonderland setting, with color- coordinated snowflakes.
That's a whole lotta creativity right there.
It was just an amazing night. We loved seeing our friends and family, and sharing fun stories with everyone. I think the moment that confirmed it was a success was when people I do not even know starting "liking" and commenting on the pictures Katie was posting on facebook in the middle of the party. Not gonna lie, I felt sort of famous in that moment.
Mallory and I agreed at the end of it that we would have to start planning NOWNOWNOW if we even hope next year to top Katie's sweater. Perhaps I could pull off a depiction of Santa's sleigh, with moving reindeer? Or am I just posting that to throw Katie off the scent? We will have to wait and see.
This Foodie Friday I will post the recipe for the most popular dish at the party.

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